If you're seeking delightful handmade items that are both snug and enchanting, look no further! Our cozy creations are inspired by the splendor of nature and the mystical world of the Fae. Moreover, we're delighted to collaborate with you on custom orders to bring your personal ideas to life. Additionally, our 3D pet portraits provide a truly distinctive way to pay tribute to your beloved furry companion. We also offer artwork for sale, including prints and cards from the talented artist Derek Williams Rbsa Frsa. Derek's artwork captures the essence of the moment, as evident in his exquisite pieces.

Multimedia collage


Handmade unique Felted wool footwear  

Doggie Reindeer Snoods

  • Prints & Cards

    Available to purchase from our store

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    Derek Williams Rbsa Frsa 
  • Donkeys on the Beach by Derek Williams Rbsa Frsa

    An original pastel painting of Donkeys on Borth Beach, Ceredigion

    Donkeys on the Beach 
  • Fisherman Tales

    Original Artwork in Pastel and Ink, this painting truly captures the captains spirit of a fisherman tales

    Fisherman Tales